Archived Research Hightlighs

Digitize GMU
We will be using the Velodyne HDL-64E LIDAR to reconstruct the buildings, vegetation, and landmarks in the vicinity of GMU Fairfax campus for applications such as city-scale CFD simulation and SLAM. (2012 Fall)
Our LiDAR golf cart has been collecting data. All the data collected will be shared through the MapGMU page. (Last update in 2014 Spring)

UAV Tracking and Shepherding
Ph.D. student Chris Vo is in the process of creating an autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) to perform Tracking and Shepherding tasks. Our current progress can be found on this page. (2012 Fall)

image Scaling Minkowski Sums
We present two methods for dynamically updating Minkowski sums under scaling, the first of which updates the sum under uniform scaling of arbitrary polygons and polyhedra, and the second of which updates the sum under non-uniform scaling of convex polyhedra. (2012 Summer)

image 2D Alpha Decomposition
We recognize the strong connections between shape reconstruction and shape decomposition and propose a method called α-decomposition. (2012 Spring)

image City-Scale CFD Simulation
Urban models, such as those in Google Earth, are mostly loosely structured and require tedious manual preparation that usually take weeks if not months before they can be used. We aim to reduce that to minutes. (2011 Fall)

image 2D Reduced Convolution
We present a method that efficiently computes the Minkowski sum boundary of two polygons using the notion of a reduced convolution. (2011 Fall)

image Follow a Group in MTR
There are many scenarios where it is desired to maximize sensor visibility of groups of targets. For example, in video games, it may be desired for a camera to track and follow a group of characters through complicated virtual environments. (2010 Fall)
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