My name is Nikhil Garg, a current junior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. This summer, I worked as a research intern in the Department of Computer Science here at George Mason University. I worked with Sam McKay (a fellow intern) and with Christopher Vo and Professor Jyh-Ming Lien on the "Tracking and Searching for Multiple Targets" research project. Over the summer, I ran numerous experiments on the various efficiencies of the different approaches and I compiled several reports regarding assorted parts of the program. I have also written some code segments that improve the sampling strategy of the target sampler in CIO and IO. Along with Sam, we developed code that allows us to compute borders around any given environment and that can partition a configuration space based on visibility information. During the latter half of the summer, Sam created an approach that utilizes a grid and a complex system for sampling that, together, create a very powerful tracking mechanism. Sam and I plan on showcasing this approach when we submit it to the Siemens Science Competition on October 1st.
Overall, this summer has been very productive and I am proud to see that all my efforts culminated to getting my name published in a formal paper for the Motion in Games Conference. I look forward to continuing my work with this extraordinary group of people next summer when we use our project for a more concrete (as opposed to virtual) application.

I have been fascinated by computer science since middle school and I have pursued the discipline all throughout my high school career. Thus far I have taken both Honors and AP Computer Science, and I plan on taking Artificial Intelligence and Parallel Computing in my junior and senior years, respectively. This internship has helped me tremendously in improving my CS background and I just want to thank the Professor and Chris for giving me such an opportunity.
Computer Science @ George Mason University