G.Viewer - Online 3D Model Viewer

G.Viewer is an Online 3D Model Viewer developed by MASC, which supports both OBJ and OFF format. It's also a 2D polygon viewer which support POLY format. See demos here.

Try G.Viewer

Drag & Drop your model file on the canvas

Supported Format

2d: POLY
3d: OBJ, OFF, JSON (triangular mesh only)


drop file onto canvas to load model
drag model to rotate
mouse wheel or '[' ']' key to zoom in/out
'w' to toggle wireframe mode
arrows keys to move the model
'c' change to random colors
space to toggle rotation

Wiki Syntax

{{objviewer url="http://masc.cs.gmu.edu/wiki/uploads/ObjViewer/beethoven.obj" width="480" height="320" dropable="true"}}

{{objviewer url="http://masc.cs.gmu.edu/wiki/uploads/ObjViewer/303.off" width="480" height="320" dropable="true"}}

{{objviewer url="http://masc.cs.gmu.edu/wiki/uploads/ObjViewer/neuron.poly" width="600" height="480" dropable="true"}}

Notice: an absolute url is preferred here, or using "/wiki/uploads/..."
if dropable is set to true, you can drop any local obj file onto canvas
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