Old Projects (Prior 2007)

image Tele-immersion Techniques
papers: Distributed Smart Cameras 2007, ISVC 2007, VC 2009

Data captured by a Tele-Immersion (TI) system can be very large. Compression is usually needed to ensure real-time data transmission. Our compression method takes advantage of prior knowledge of objects, e.g. human figures, in the TI environments and represents their motions using just a few parameters.
image Deformable Object Motion Planning
papers: ICRA 2002, ICRA 2006

Though motion planning has been studied extensively for rigid and articulated robots, motion planning for deformable objects is an area that has received far less attention.
image Simulating Shepherding Behaviors
papers: ICRA 2004, ICRA 2005

Shepherding behaviors are one class of flocking behaviors in which one or more external agents (called shepherds) attempt to control the motion of another group of agents (called flock) by exerting repulsive forces from shepherds to the flock.
image Seismic Ray Tracing

This project involves both Computer Science and Geo Sciences. Seismic Ray Tracing is often used to get information about the Earth's interior. It has applications in a number of areas in Geosciences including oil exploration and quake fault analysis. In Computer Science side, we are interested in several challenging geometric problems found in simulation of tracing seismic rays and in analysis of the traced rays.

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