Super Compaction and Pluripotent Shape Transformation

Zhonghua Xi, Yue Hao, Huangxin Wang, In-Suk Choi, and Jyh-Ming Lien


Recent techniques enable folding planer sheets to create complex 3D shapes, however, even a small 3D shape can have large 2D unfoldings. The huge dimension of the flattened structure makes fabrication difficult. In this paper, we propose a novel approach for folding a single thick strip into two target shapes: folded 3D shape and stacked shape. The folded shape is an approximation of a complex 3D shape provided by the user. The provided 3D shape may be too large to be fabricated (e.g. 3D-printed) due to the limited workspace. Meanwhile, the stacked shape could be the compactest form of the 3D shape which makes its fabrication possible. The compactness of the stacked state also makes packing and transportation easier. The key technical contribution of this work is an efficient method for finding strips for quadrilateral meshes without refinement. We demonstrate our results using both simulation and fabricated models.


The proposed method allows printing 3D shape that is too large to be fabricated due to the limited workspace.
Print Large Bunny

3-D print demonstration from a compact stacking structure to a target 3D structure based on algorithmic stacking. The transformed structure has 7.7 times larger bounding box size than the compact stacking structure, and exceed the printable space of the 3-D printer.
Print Large 3D Shape


Countinous folding motion of the Mountain model from its target shape to its 4-pile stacked state. Path planed using UnfoldingPolyhedra



Thick Origami


The folded state of a cube model and its corresponding 1-pile stacked state under different thicknesses. l is the original panel size and t
is the panel thickness.



Transforming a Bunny into a Fish via a common stacking structure

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