GMU Visual Computing Seminar 2014

GMU Visual Computing Seminar 2014
(Full resolution, 2M)


May 15, 12 noon ~ 5:00 pm


ENGR 4201


12:00 G. Singh Introspective Semantic Segmentation
12:25 Nalini Vishnoi Using Histograms of Normal Flow for Gait Recognition
12:50 Jianchao Tan Time Channel Painting Decomposition
01:15 Tim Balint Part of the Virtual Crowd: Examining VR technologies and crowd dynamics on the edge of rationality
01:40 Guilin LiuDual-space Decomposition
02:05 Md. Alimoor RezaSemantic Parsing of RGB-D Scenes
02:30 John MooneyA more robust reputation system
02:55 Songrun LiuSkinning Vector Graphics
03:20 Zhonghua XiFolding Rigid Origami With Closure Constraint
03:55 S. BanerjeeDetection of Salient Regions for Geo-location
04:20 Chris Vo Tracking Multiple Targets
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