Yanyan Lu

I am a Ph.D. Student of Computer Science in George Mason University.
I am interested in computational geometry algorithms and robotics. Now I am working on Motion Planning in different kinds of environments.

My CV is here.

ENGR 2201
Yanyan Lu

Research Pages

Computation Reuse
Approximate Decomposition
GIS and Scientific Computing


Collision Prediction: Conservative Advancement Among Obstacles with Unknown Motion, Yanyan Lu and Jyh-Ming Lien, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2013), May. 2013, Submitted
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Fast Approximate Convex Decomposition Using Relative Concavity, Mukulika Ghosh and Nancy M. Amato and Yanyan Lu and Jyh-Ming Lien, Computer-Aided Design, in press 2012, Also appear in Proc. of Symposium on Solid and Physical Modeling, Dijon, France, Oct. 2012.
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alpha-Decomposition of Polygons, Yanyan Lu, Jyh-Ming Lien, Mukulika Ghosh and Nancy Amato, Shape Modeling International, May. 2012
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Fast and Robust Generation of City-Scale Seamless 3D Urban Models, Yanyan Lu, Emily Behar, Stephen Donnelly, Jyh-Ming Lien, Fernando Camelli, and David Wong, Computer-Aided Design, in press 2011, Also appear in Proc. SIAM Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling (GD/SPM), Orlando, Florida, Oct. 2011.
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Estimating Penetration Depth of Convex Polyhedra Using Dynamic Minkowski Sum, Stephen Donnelly, Yanyan Lu, Emily Behar and Jyh-Ming Lien, Contributed Presentation Abstract, SIAM Conference on Geometric and Physical Modeling (GD/SPM11), Oct. 2011

Creating Building Ground Plans via Robust K-way Union, Jyh-Ming Lien and Fernando Camelli and David Wong and Yanyan Lu and Benjamin McWhorter, Visual Computer, in press 2011
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Finding Critical Changes in Dynamic Configuration Spaces, Yanyan Lu and Jyh-Ming Lien, Proc. of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2011), Sep. 2011
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Planning Motion in Point-Represented Contact Spaces Using Approximate Star-Shaped Decomposition, Jyh-Ming Lien and Yanyan Lu, Proceedings of the IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS), October 2009
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Planning Motion in Similar Environments, Jyh-Ming Lien and Yanyan Lu, Proceedings of Robotics: Science and Systems V, June 2009
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CS795-Geometric Processing
CS633-Computational Geometry
CS687-Advanced Artificial Intelligence
CS662-Computer Graphics and Game Technologies
CS635-Introduction to Parellel Computation
CS795-Geometric Algorithms for Bioinformatics
CS700-Quantitative Methods and Experimental Design in Computer Science
CS685-Intelligent Robotic Systems
CS684-Graph Algorithms
CS682-Computer Vision
CS600-Theory of Computation
CS580-Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS583-Analysis of Algorithms
CS540-Language Processors
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